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What Our Clients Say

"Bringing home our daughter from the NICU was a very scary experience. My husband and I felt so alone, and were not sure if we would be able to handle it. The team from Handprints was extremely helpful, caring and nurturing. They helped us to gain confidence as parents, and gave us the tools and skills we needed to be successful. It was a long road with our baby girl, but I'm happy to say that she just turned 2 years old, and is finally meeting all of her milestones. I don't know what we would have done without Handprints!"

Mandy & Bill — Littleton, CO
"My son receives Occupational and Speech Therapy services through Handprints, and we have been blessed with two of the BEST therapists we could have ever asked for. My son has really connect with his therapists, and he looks forward to every visit. It has been a struggle being a parent of a child with Autism. We feel privileged to have an agency like Handprints to turn to when we have quetstions or concerns, or even when we just need someone to tell us we are doing OK. We don't know what we would do without them!"

Anthony — Father of a Child with Autism
"I have been a foster parent for many years, and I often care for children with disabilities. Consequently, I have also had many therapists and nurses coming and going from my home for many years. For the past 7 years, I have been working exclusively with the team from Handprints Home Health. I have found their therapists to be very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring, and the children always respond well to them. It can be hard to have outsiders coming and going from your home all the time. They take time to involve us in the therapy sessions, and they teach us how to care for our foster children in the best way possible. We certainly feel lucky to have Handprints on our team too!"

Candace — Aurora, CO

What Our Employees Say

"I love working for Handprints Home Health! I was very hesitant to get back into home health after having a very bad experience with another agency, but working for Handprints has been so painless and easy. The owner and administrator are so organized things run so well. I appreciate working for a company that has it together!"

Janel G.
"The therapists I work with are phenomenal. They are continuously keeping me informed about changes or updates about kids that we share, and they are so professional. I definitely feel like I’m part of a team."

Beth M.
"Handprints Home Health has been an amazing agency to work for! Betsy Hart, the owner, and all of the office staff were always open to any questions I had along the way. I always felt comfortable going to them with any issues that arose and always felt very supported by them. I really loved that it was a smaller company and had such a close "family" feel to it. Everyone knows each other personally there and sincerely cares about each other. This is such a difference from other large home health agencies where I have worked in the past where the owner didn't even know who I was, as I was simply just a number amidst hundreds. Betsy Hart not only knows each and every employee's name but knows details about their families, their interests, there accomplishments, and their hardships. She strives to connect with each and every employee and works to maintain that relationship. She always shows her appreciation for her employees and recognizes the hard work that each employee puts forth. Working at Handprints Home Health, every employee feels respected, valued, and sincerely cared about. And this is exactly how the families and children who are receiving services from Handprints are treated as well. I cannot say enough positive about this agency and cannot recommend it highly enough, for both prospective employees or for families who are needing therapy for their children. Handprints Home Health truly is without a doubt THE BEST place to go!!!!"

Trina H.